Inaamey application is one of the most smart applications to offer carcasses online and gives the consumer the opportunity to get meat of all kinds.

About Application

an3amy is an application to request carcasses of all kinds and create your own orders on your account to be sent to you as soon as there is a charitable side to every request in the application 10 riyals discount from the value of the application and this work by Slider displayed in the application.

Quality of Service

an3ami is keen to provide various meats such as Al-Nuaimi and Tios and others and present them to the consumer after good packaging.

Convenient Time

The application is keen on the speed of delivery and quality of products at the same time.

Affordable Cost

an3ami is keen on providing our customers with the best prices for our services, with transparency and clarity.

How To Use

Simple Ways To Get Our Service

  • Create your personal account so that you can choose the type of carcass and determine the weight and then simply see prices.

  • Choose your meat slicer and packaging you prefer.

  • Confirm the order and specify the payment options and the time period for the carcass.

Why Us

  • Ease of use of the application Display the sections of the various carcasses in a clear and easy to use to choose the carcass easily.

  • The application works through simple logical steps, so the data and the customer's address are easily recorded, as an address is located on the maps and registered.

  • Through the application, the customer can follow the request and know the time to receive it.

  • - Multiple payment options

Clients Opinions

Mohammed Abdel Moneim

I hope you always succeed and continue.

Hanan Hassan

A great application and I benefited a lot from him in ordering fresh sacrifices .. Thank you.

Samir Shokry

The most important characteristic of this application is the ease of use and the choice of the carcass.

To Contact Us

You can send a message here via the communication service